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Gun Safety (young children)

1. Stop.
2. Don't touch.
3. Leave the area.
4. Tell an adult.

NEVER give children realistic looking toy guns or let them to play with such toys. If your child has toy guns you may want to use them to demonstrate safe gun handling and explain how they differ from genuine guns. There should be no chance that a child could mistake a real gun for a toy.

Safe Gun Handling

1. Point the gun in a safe direction.
2. Keep your finger off the trigger.
3. Keep it unloaded until ready to use.

Gun safety is largely common sense. If one treats every gun as if they are loaded (loaded or not) you will naturally keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction and keep your finger off the trigger (until ready to shoot), which are the key safety measures that need to be ingrained in every person who uses or handles a gun.

Safe Shooting

1. Know the target and what is beyond.
2. Know how to use the gun safely.
3. Be sure the gun is safe to operate.
4. Use the right ammunition for the gun.
5. Use eye and ear protection.
6. Don't use alcohol or any drugs.
7. Know that extra safety measures may be needed in some situations.
8. Unload and clean guns after use.

Safe Storage

Store all guns in a locked gun safe. If not stored for security use a gun should be unloaded with the ammunition locked up separately in a locked steel box (e.g., a petty cash box).

Safe Transportation

Guns should be unloaded and fitted with a trigger lock when transported unless carried for security use. If a handgun is carried for security use it should be in a secure holster with at least two built-in retention devices to prevent it falling out of the holster or being snatched (e.g., a Safariland SSII security holster).


NRA Gun Safety Rules
NRA's gun safety rules for young children and gun users.

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Gunproof Your Children

Gunproof Your Children

Massad Ayoob's timeless classic about how to gun proof your children. From basic gun safety to teaching them how to responsibly use a gun. Still the best book on the subject.

Source: Police Bookshelf

Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

Proven gun safety program for schools created by the National Rifle Association of America. Parents can teach their children the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program at home. Call (800) 231-0752 (US number) and request a sample kit (available in English and Spanish). Each kit includes a copy of the student workbook, instructor's guide, program statistics, a description of materials, an order form, and the Parents' Guide to Gun Safety brochure. No guns are used in the program.

Source: National Rifle Association

Blue Guns

Blue Guns

Non-functional Blue Guns are ideal for teaching safe gun handling to older children. They are made of an impact resistant polyurethane. Long guns have added steel reinforcement, preventing bending while maintaining the handling and balance of the weapon they represent. Handguns will function in security holsters, activating any safety device, enabling safe draw stroke training and gun retention drills.

Source: Ring's Manufacturing

Daisy 753W

Daisy Model 753

The synthetic stocked Daisy Model 753S target air rifle is very popular in sporter air rifle matches that ban expensive target rifles. The 753 series rifles (the 753W has a wooden stock) are the least expensive rifles in Daisy's Avanti range, which all use Walther barrels.

You can also purchase Tom Johnson's Sporter Tips from the CMP, an illustrated 8-page booklet with cleaning and maintenance tips as well as action and stock upgrades

Source: Daisy Outdoor Products

OBI Flag

OBI Flag

The Open Bolt Indicator Flag provides a clearly visible signal to range officers and other shooters that the rifle is unloaded and its action is open. Designed for service rifles, it can be modified to fit other rifles. Item ID: 244 (12 in a set).

Source: Civilian Marksmanship Program

Master Lock Trigger Locks

Trigger Locks

Master Lock produce locks that cover gun trigger guards that use a key or combination lock.

Source: Master Lock

Mossberg Loc-Box


The Loc-Box™ Firearm Security System provides you with an effective and inexpensive way to help prevent unwanted access to a rifle or shotgun by securely attaching it to a wall.

Source: Mossberg

MultiVault GV2050-19

MultiVault GV2050-19

GunVault make a wide range of gun safes that use their unique No Eyes™ keypad, with the MultiVault GV2050-19 being an excellent choice for handguns. It is powered by a single 9V battery (ideally the long life lithium variety from Duracell or Energizer), has an audio low battery warning and a power jack for an external power supply, and comes with backup key in the case of a power/battery failure.

Source: GunVault


Gunproof Your Children

Gunproof Your Children - the best book about gun proofing children.

Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program - the best gun safety program for schools.

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